Intellectual Property

November 29th, 2011

We intend to comply fully with the Andrew W Mellon Foundation’s policy on Intellectual Property Policy for digital products developed with Foundation Funds.

The Bodleian Libraries do not take the view that the scanning, rekeying, and encoding of the two card catalogues creates any new intellectual property – other than that which already subsists in the data held on the catalogue cards themselves. In fact, by digitizing this data and, for the first time in its history, making it globally accessible to the general public, we now have the opportunity to ensure its effective dissemination. If acceptable to the Mellon, we would envisage making the digitized catalogue data freely available under a Creative Commons license (for example, Attribution NonCommercial: CC BY-NC) to facilitate its reuse in a variety of non-profit scholarly endeavours. The encoding scheme(s) devised for the retroconversion of these catalogues will be fully documented, and made available on a similar basis (e.g. Attribution CC BY) in order to encourage their reuse and adaptation by others.

Any new or enhanced software tools developed during the course of this work will be created and made available in accordance with open source guidelines in a well-known repository such as SourceForge[1]. Software is and will continue to be developed by building upon existing open source applications, and so any subsequent distribution(s) will be made under the terms of the relevant OSI-compliant licenses (GPL unless indicated otherwise by existing license conditions).


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